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Business & Project Management.

Clive has 25 years experience in business and project management, working in Westminster, Islington and areas outside Europe, as well as 15 years as being one of the most successful Chair/ Director’s of Academy schools in Newham.

Chair of the Board.

Clive was Chair of Governors of the Boleyn Federation for 8 years which consisted of Tollgate Primary School and Cleves Primary School in the London Borough of Newham. He is now Chair of the Board of Trustees for the Boleyn Trust.

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Sports & Business Management.

Clive has over twenty five years of working in the sports and business management sector as the manager for Leisure Facilities, sports complexes, libraries and parks for Greenwich Leisure and Westminster Council where he manages multi-million-pound business ventures with responsibility for over two hundred staff.

This broad spectrum of work-streams has given Clive a wide range of proven experience working with people across all sectors, both public and private sectors businesses, in addition to his passion for developing staff with well versed coaching and mentoring techniques.

By Tom Canning OBE.

Announcement – MBE Award.

Clive-Anthony Douglas MBE

I feel very humble and honoured to be awarded an MBE for services to education as part of the Queen’s birthday honour list.

My expectation from day 1 was to freely donate my time and expertise to the wider community and to anyone who needed my support. It has been a privilege to be able to make such a positive contribution through my role as Chair of the Boleyn Multi Academy Trust of schools.

The position comes with its own set of challenges but is always rewarding. Working together with Boleyn governors, trustees and staff to support this richly diverse learning community of 5000 pupils is always a pleasure.

Our trust is the largest Multi Academy Trust of Newham schools. In September we will be welcoming our first Tower Hamlets school to join our family of schools.

Mentoring and supporting all our Boleyn leaders and future leaders has always been important to me. I am particularly proud that my work in supporting leaders from black and minority ethnic backgrounds has been recognised.

Finally, I wish to thank everyone for their continued support in this Knighthood, and a special thank you to Regional Schools Commissioner, Sue Baldwin, Boleyn Chief Executive Officer, Tom Canning OBE, and Minister of State Lord Theodore Agnew, who I have had the pleasure of working with and probably had a voice in my nomination.

Feeling overwhelmed!


Press release – East London Gazette

Queen’s Birthday Honours List 2021